Emerging from a musical approach regular events but also bigger single projects were established. The character of the events spreads beyond different styles and breaks borders between music, performing and the fine arts. All presentations and performances have something in common: the temporary character. It's not about the search for a work of art with a stable value but The focus is set on current issues and confrontations with individual artistic influences whic are often different from the common form of reception and categorization in conventional art.

Jan./Febr. 2011

Retros and relics from 25 jears exhibition program of cuba cultur

Visual Art Days

Bring your art and we pimp it!

10 views of 10 artists in 10 places in the railway area
with ISG - Münster

brass-workshop und street parade with pupils of Alber Schweitzer-Schule, leed by french improvisers

Poetry – Video – StreetArt

in cooperation with Literaturverein Münster & Kulturamt der Stadt Münster

with particicpants of all of the Slams in NRW

soundinstallation by Andreas Oldörp within the KlangZeitFestivals 2008

mobile city music with Dab Senns Lydle Instruments

music- & performanceseries in summer 2007

monthly series for young literature

Künstlerpaare 2006

music & performance from artpairs

international soundart- and performancefestival

for the anniversary of the Diocese in Münster

international performancefestival

Grenzgänger 2003 / 2004

dance and new music

Puddles 2003 

Japanese-Mexican-German artist-exchange-project

Transfer 2002

art and music from Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia

internet - networkconcert

Puddles 2001

Japanese-European artist-exchange-project

Puddles 2000

Japanese-German artist-exchange-project

NRW-wide performancefestival

exhibitionproject with the Canadian Artist D. Miller

European artist-exchange-project

Set-Up 1998

performancefestival with focus on Canada

in the Westfelian musiccelebration

internet artproject

during the sculpture-projects in the Atrium of the Westfelian Landesmuseums Münster

monthly series of exhibitions with mainly young regional artists

stored music: from tape to the sampler: concerts and lectures

Dialoog Cultuur NL-NRW 1996

jazz concerts in exchange of the Netherlands and North Rhine Westfalia

Film & Musik 1995

about the relation of live-music and film

Hedendaagse Kunst 1995

electronic music and sound art from the Netherlands

international festival of soundart in Dortmund, Essen, Münster

contemporary art from Riga: latvian avantgarde

reflections on North American culture: concerts, exhibitions, lectures

concerts, performance, installation from GB

examplified overview on a special artform

4 guitarplayers in different combinations

Performanceprojekt 1988

lecture and performances from different artbranches

intermedial artproject

workshop for improvisiete Music

for more than 20 years: monthly concert series dedicated to improvised and experimental music